Managing occupational health across regional, national, or multinational networks is challenging. Throw in a pandemic, and you face new employee health concerns and complex data tracking. And added clinical and administrative burden. We can help you Smile.

OHIS (Occupational Health Information System) is Smile CDR’s enterprise-class solution that leverages the HL7® FHIR® standard to streamline information collection, workflows, analytics, and data management related to employee health requirements.  It offers simple, efficient, and secure data management to advance the wellbeing of the population you serve.

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Innovative workflows.

Stronger workplaces.

Healthier workforces.

OHIS helps you work smarter. By simplifying both clinical and administrative workflows, your teams are more productive and collaborative. Whether you handle health assessments, immunization reviews, medical report orders, and patient scheduling—or the tracking and logging of work—a fully customizable web application with an intuitive user interface brings it all down to a few clicks. More responsive, coordinated care delivery and claims processing, coupled with better resource allocation, adds up to a healthier workforce—and bottom line.

Results you can trust.

Comprehensive data and the ability to analyze it make game-changing insights possible. OHIS captures and stores longitudinal medical data collected during health assessments while providing tracking data. From there, standardized milestones facilitate direct comparisons between activities at different sites. And if you need to dig deeper to support management decision-making or system-wide process improvements, the data can be fed into third-party business intelligence tools for further analysis. 

The cornerstone of any occupational health and safety program is trust. And trust is built on reliable data. OHIS provides an audit trail of recurring occupational health and safety protocol tasks to ensure government and organizational regulations are met. Since privacy and security also build confidence, you can set roles and permissions. Sensitive Information can only be accessed by the right people.

A future-friendly workhorse.

Built on FHIR, the interoperability standard sweeping the globe, OHIS is the present—and future—of wellness in the workplace. 

Rapid implementation and simple customization of Smile CDR’s commercially supported clinical data repository can address your current health record storage and access needs. But it is the solution’s flexibility that makes it future-ready. Not only do you benefit from seamless integration with other FHIR-enabled systems, but our FHIR-Based Data Platform offers true interoperability. It supports all FHIR resources, including existing and yet-to-be-developed SMART on FHIR applications. Plus, with our platform-agnostic CDR, your data Is not tied down. You have complete control to move it where you want, when you want.

Simply put: you are ready for any health challenges and opportunities that come your way.

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