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HAPI to Our Core

After years of maintaining the HL7 v2 library, Smile CTO James Agnew went on to build the open-source HL7 FHIR Java reference implementation that came to be known as the HAPI project

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Our Solution

As HAPI FHIR was becoming popular globally for developers and organizations moving towards FHIR in the health integration sphere, we noticed growing need for commercial support. The result of this discovery was Smile CDR. Our purpose-built FHIR repository sits on top of HAPI and includes a suite of premium features.

Feature Community HAPI FHIR Expert HAPI FHIR Smile CDR Platform
Community Support      
Open-source implementation of HL7 FHIR standard      
Support for all published version of FHIR standard      
Hundreds of health data models      
Built-in terminology server      
Apache Lucene search library for full-text indexing      
Professional consultation and development services from experienced HAPI FHIR and FHIR experts      
One-on-one assistance with expert HAPI FHIR and Smile CDR application architects      
Powerful authorization and audit capabilities      
Able to manage and configure using a JSON API      
Complete management interface      
Statistics and system health console      
Access to the full Smile ecosystem of developers, integration solutions, and delivery experts.      
Smart on FHIR support      
Adapters to other health data protocols and systems (HL7 v2.x, HL7 CDA etc.)      
High Priority Application Support      
HAPI FHIR Android Library      

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