Introducing Smile Digital Health's First-Ever Annual User Symposium!

Author:  Smile Digital Health |  Published:  February 10, 2021

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Each day, healthcare industry stakeholders strive towards the same end: better health outcomes. Faced with the challenge of developing, navigating, and implementing the interoperable technology solutions needed to pave the way to that common goal, it will take a village. 

For three days in April, that village is coming to you.


Whether you are thinking of standing a server or already playing with FHIR, the Smile Digital Health User Symposium happening April 6th to 8th is your chance to join the wonderful, global community who are not only already on the path to interoperability but leading the way in terms of innovation.

The symposium is an opportunity for everyone from FHIR-curious healthcare stakeholders to solution implementers and partners to learn from twelve international health data interoperability leaders who will discuss trends, innovation, and pushing the boundaries with FHIR. For those who want a deeper dive into their solutions, a series of training sessions led by technical experts will take a look under the hood of specific aspects of the technology and implementations. 

Whether you are interested in the practical, the possible, the road ahead, or the connections you need to get you there, the Smile Digital Health User Symposium is your gateway to interoperability.  

The practical: Solve your health-tech challenges

In every challenge lies an opportunity. Explore how to overcome your challenges and elevate your technology investment through the best practices of tried-and-true implementations. For example, find out how you can use FHIR to facilitate cohesion across a health IT ecosystem, both in theory and in action with a walkthrough of an actual care guideline. Or learn how you can best use testing to ensure your solution is CMS Interoperability Rule compliant. You can even discover how the Da Vinci Implementation Guides can be employed to accelerate implementation in provider-payer data exchanges. And, if you are already onboard with Smile–or just interested in coming along for a test drive–you can realize more value from your strategic investment with sessions on topics like Data Ingestion, CDS Hooks, and Master Data Management.

The possible: Release your FHIR potential 

Want to get the most out of your current or planned FHIR implementation? Discover the use cases that can release the potential of improved processes and new capabilities. Experts will cover subjects like meeting the CMS mandate, prior authorization, improving social determinants of health, and optimizing FHIR to develop applications and workflows. A one-hour session lets you tap into the years of experience–and experiences–of an innovator in the field.

The road ahead: Jumpstart your planning

Look into the future of FHIR, so you can start planning today. By keeping current with what is happening today in terms of industry trends and where regulations, healthcare needs, and technology may take us tomorrow, your organization can create a more informed strategic plan. Sessions will shed light on topics like where CMS and ONC healthcare interoperability rules are headed and what they will require of providers and payers in 2021 and beyond, as well as how FHIR’s enabling of seamless interoperability is paving the way for modernizing IT in an era where unprecedented levels of data from IoMT devices power artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. You can even get a preview of Smile Digital Health's roadmap from our CTO, James Agnew, so you can plan for what is coming down the pipes.

The connections: Forge relationships in FHIR

The User Symposium brings together the who’s who of interoperability and FHIR. Global leaders. Public and private healthcare organizations. Standards creators. Industry partners. Consultants. Researchers. Developers. It is a gathering of everyone you need to meet to get started in FHIR–or who can help you get to the next level of connected healthcare. Share your vision, gain a fresh perspective, obtain information, and build relationships that will last beyond the event. With specific time dedicated each day for networking–and with Q&A periods in all sessions–there will be plenty of opportunities to make the important connections. 

For more information, including a full list of speaks and topics, daily schedule, or to register for the Smile Digital Health User Symposium, please visit