Join us August 3rd at 1:00 pm EST for the first of an ongoing quarterly series of webinars focused on trends and technologies relevant to Health Payers

Here we’ll discuss where the market is going, what forces are driving it, and how Smile and our partners are delivering innovative solutions to enable our clients to transform their businesses. In our first webinar we will be joined by Point-of-Care Partners to discuss how we see digital transformation strategies evolving within the US Payer Sector, and how Smile CDR can enable Payers to execute upon those strategies.


  • Kendra Obrist (Practice Lead, Product Strategy - Point-of-Care Partners)

  • Cait O’Donnell (Manager, Market Innovation and Intelligence - Smile CDR)

  • Vishal Malik (Product Strategy Manager - Smile CDR)

  • Christopher Ford (AVP Payer Solutions and Marketplace - Smile CDR)

About POCP: 

Point-of-Care Partners (POCP) is a leading management consulting firm assisting healthcare organizations in the evaluation, development & implementation of winning health information management strategies in a rapidly evolving electronic world

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