Thank you for joining us to learn about Smile CDR 2021.05 and HAPI FHIR 5.4 (Code name: Pangolin). We'll see you again in August for our next product release webinar!


Smile CDR 2021.05 

  • Channel Import: Bundles support
  • FHIR Gateway enhancements for searching, HTTP header forwarding, and more
  • HL7v2 VXU type Vaccine/Immunization messages support
  • Real-time Export (RTE) support for multiple consumers
  • New system-config endpoint, capturing configuration details in a ZIP
  • Many fixes and enhancements to support testing on Inferno and Touchstone
  • NEW suite of SMART App Management tools
    • App Developer Portal: White-label portal for SMART on FHIR app developers (e.g. 3rd party, internal, or partner) to register their apps with your Smile FHIR server
    • App Management Console: Workflow management interface for managing app registration requests and ongoing connectivity
    • App Gallery: White-label gallery for app end-users (e.g. patients, providers, administrators) to discover apps connected to your Smile FHIR server


  • MDM: Survivorship engine for golden records; matching on extensions
  • Group Bulk export support
  • MDM now supports FHIRPath, more robust group matching, and matching on extensions
  • New interceptors for data normalization (n11n), standardization (s13n), and validation