Smile CDR

  • Subscriptions can now be used with Partitioning / Multi-Tenant strategies
  • Multiple enhancements to Subscriptions to support delivery retry handling and delete requests
  • Substantial feature development of Smile CDR’s MongoDB offering (Bulk FHIR Export, Search by tags, Support for GraphQL)
  • Support for the $member-match operation
  • New validation options to validate bundle resources concurrently and skip validation of contained resources
  • UX improvements to the Smile CDR Web Admin Console
  • Significant performance improvements across multiple areas of Smile CDR (MDM Multi-threaded processing, Search parameters)

Features in beta:

  • Smile CDR now supports ingestion of C-CDA Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) via Channel Import

Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange Solution

  • Version 1.0 of Smile CDR’s payer-to-payer solution was released in January
  • Development of the payer-to-payer solution is on-going


  • App developers can now upload images and add video URLs in the developer portal so that screenshots and embedded videos are displayed on the product pages of the Gallery
  • Previews of the product page are available to app developers so they can see what the page will look like before submitting the digital assets for review
  • An approval mechanism for admins to approve/reject the screenshots and videos for content appropriateness is included
  • Email notification capabilities are extended to admins and developers for image and video content approvals
  • Approvals history for the assets are added to the audit log


  • Significant performance improvements across multiple areas of HAPI FHIR (Validation, Deletion of data, $lastn operation)

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