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Gartner's Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health System Technologies, 2020

Available for a Limited Time

The Gartner Hype Cycle report is chock-full of valuable insights to help Healthcare Provider technology leaders plan strategic investments.


The Apple Health Integration Guide

Using Smile CDR to Power SMART on FHIR Data Sharing

See how your organization can use Smile CDR to help patients securely view and store health records on their mobile phones.


Intro to FHIR

Presented by James Agnew, Smile's CTO and HAPI FHIR project lead, this equally digestible and thorough Intro to FHIR is a fantastic resource for taking your first steps in this space.

Even if you've worked with FHIR before, the approach taken to these introductory topics will likely offer some fresh perspectives.


Global Renal Care Provider

Improved Outcomes for Over 300,000 Dialysis Patients

Learn how Smile CDR worked with one of the world’s leading dialysis healthcare providers in creating an infinitely scalable digital platform.


WEDI Webinar

Understanding the Benefits and Value of Health Information for Payers

With the ability to access, analyze, and control robust health care data, payer strategic gains and compliance really can go hand-in-hand with a better patient experience.


Leading Diagnostics Company

Using Smile CDR to Accelerate SMART on FHIR integration on Apple Health

See how this global diagnostics company leveraged Smile's platform and FHIR expertise to quickly and easily integrate with Apple Health.


US Payer Guide to CMS Interoperability Compliance on FHIR

Learn what you need to know to comply with the CMS and ONC interoperability rules and how to meet them by implementing an enterprise-class and commercially supported clinical data platform.


FHIR Deployment

Unlocking More Value From FHIR Deployment Models

Discover how to leverage your organization’s infrastructure with two different FHIR deployment models for adopting scalable APIs…and realize the kind of value that leads to dramatically better health outcomes.


Verto & Smile CDR

Hardening Health Systems Against Ransomware Vulnerabilities

With cyber threats to healthcare companies on the rise, discover how data visualization and an HL7 FHIR implementation can make your organization “ransomware-resilient”.


GovTech Webinar

Pandemic Response with a FHIR Data Platform

In the midst of a pandemic, stakeholders need easy access and control over healthcare data to develop a rapid and meaningful response. Smile CDR is taking up the challenge.


Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet)

Enabling Better Clinical Care and Research Workflows

Using Smile CDR significantly reduced development time, enabling and accelerating the Cardiac Arrhythmia research study to readiness and use.



Ontario Showcase 2020

Learn how Smile CDR is helping to shape the future of connected healthcare across Canada and beyond in support of better global health.


Health Sciences South Carolina

Our Journey with a Health Research Exchange

For HSSC, Smile created a central repository where data from various clinical sources could be aggregated and normalized in real-time, then made available immediately to other research databases.