Technical Support


Product Integration





The Smile CDR team can help you understand and plan out the use of FHIR to support your health application. Our team has broad and deep experience in the application of messaging standards and we can help design your solution.



The Smile CDR solution team will help you map other messaging specifications to FHIR. Our solution has a standards mapping suite that we fully support. We can even assist with both design and coding of the integration between your Smile CDR repository and other health systems.

Business Cases and Proof of Concept

We will help you develop your FHIR proof of concept, business case and business architecture. This process includes discovery sessions, facilitated business decision meetings, and options analysis. It can be completed as part of comprehensive business architecture engagement or as a stand-alone offering.



We offer training in a variety of topics so that you and your team can hit the ground running.

  • Introduction to FHIR
  • Advanced FHIR Topics
  • Smile CDR configuration and management
  • Smile CDR configuration and Smile CDR mapping
  • Installed solutions operations



We can help identify your integration targets and data sources. Working with your team, we will facilitate the discovery effort by helping to determine how much effort is needed to extract and load data assets into the Smile CDR. We will help you and ways to use your data to improve workflow and deliver quality care.


The Smile CDR team will help you design your health data solution and its integration with your overall solution. We have in-depth experience in the use and and deployment of FHIR services, and we will help you architect an effective data implementation.



We offer a full suite of architecture support, from inception through delivery. We can help develop a logical solution design and then work with sprint teams to flesh out user stories as your solution is developed. This combination of agile development and high level comprehensive design has enabled rapid delivery of large, complex projects.

Or if you have a more structured architecture governance model, we will work with your team to develop and deliver against your organization’s architecture framework - such as TOGAF, DODAF, and more.

Project Management

The Smile CDR team has experienced project managers that can help you through all of the phases of your implementation, from inception through to close out. Our team understands the nuances and challenges of healthcare integration and has detailed knowledge of our product.


We can assist with all aspects of your clinical development cycle. Our development teams have in-depth experience mapping information from existing systems into the FHIR specification. Working with your in-house specialists, our experts will help find the most appropriate mapping between source data and FHIR resources.

Upon request, our team can help you use the FHIR API for maximum effectiveness reducing the amount of development effort needed to build out your solution. Where needed, we can help develop new API’s to enable specialty services for your project.


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