There is a smarter–and easier–way to combine form and function. 

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Smile Forms, from Smile Digital Health, automates patient form assignment and inserts clinical data directly into a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) after review by a practitioner. So you can streamline form management to enhance information quality, efficiency and health outcomes.

Automatic Connection to an Extensive Selection.

Administration is simple from the start. Smile Forms customized system logic and rules automatically connect patients with the most current version of a required form based on appointment reason and location. And with over 70 forms, there is one to fill every need. Our growing catalog covers everything from industry-standard versions designed for primary and specialty care, reimbursement programs and pediatric care to those related to social determinants of health, behavioral health and complementary medicine.

Patient-centered Experiences.

Before they set foot in the clinic, patients benefit from a personalized experience. Form links are sent via their preferred method, like SMS or email, and in their language of choice, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese–with the option to add others. They also control where they complete the questionnaires: on their home computer, a mobile device or a tablet at their appointment location. It’s a level of individualized service and convenience that contributes to more direct access, as well as increased data accuracy and patient engagement with their health information.

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Seamlessly Resourceful.

Built on HL7® FHIR® open standards, Smile Forms smoothly captures patient response data in a format that integrates with any EHR system–yet remains readable and editable by providers. No manual data entry or scanning. No storage or shredding of completed or obsolete paper-based inventory. There is even the option to deliver notifications regarding incomplete documents for added efficiency. The win? You can focus your resources on patient health–rather than file management–and create value for all stakeholders.

Ingenious and Efficient Clinical Workflows.

Valued patient health data can be captured with Smile Forms. When leveraged, health data captured via forms can result in improved patient experience and outcomes. While manual, complex processes lead to errors, omissions, frustrating user experiences and lost opportunities.

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What makes our Smile Forms that much smarter? Scoring thresholds based on clinical guidelines or best practices allow the system to differentiate automatically between normal and abnormal entries. Normal responses are inserted into the EHR, while abnormal ones are flagged. When clinicians access the intuitive provider dashboard, they see the form status (requested, completed or on hold) and can review the form entries and flags. For comparison and further clarity, they can toggle between the version shown to the patient and the provider report view. Superior oversight over patient charts paves the way for informed pre-visit case assessment, adds insight and minimizes the risk of errors.

Once practitioners approve and submit the end report, the data automatically updates to the appropriate parts of the patient’s health record. And when they spend less time inputting information and dealing with administrative bottlenecks, they spend more time addressing patient health concerns.

Always Secure.

Personal and confidential health information must be safeguarded and readily available to those who need it. Formats distributes the right information to the right people and systems via our secure clinical data repository using rules that govern the “who, when and where” of data access.

Bottom Line Benefits.

Better health outcomes and higher returns can go hand in hand. Smile Forms reimbursable form tracking and the reporting dashboard monitor earnings from completed external Smile Forms that are part of reimbursement programs, such as the Adverse Childhood Experience screening initiative and other drug studies. It’s a new revenue stream to fuel the research that can improve healthcare and save lives.

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