Interoperable healthcare technologies are evolving, with regulations following close behind. Now it’s your turn for digital transformation. Not just to remain competitive, but to forge an innovative path. It starts with a streamlined implementation and continues with frictionless operations and support.

When you need to implement, operate, and secure your Clinical Data Repository (CDR) with ease, Smile Digital Health Managed Services provides the systems, processes, and expertise that drive business success into the future.

Fit for change.

The healthcare landscape is unpredictable. There is always new guidance, applications, and technologies. Even strategic business imperatives can shift. Each change holds the potential for unexpected demands on resources. But for Smile, a flexible response is just another day at the office. Resilient and agile operations support that can scale to meet any possibility. What’s more, with straightforward cost structures set out in our Standard and Premium plans, your organization will be right on the money when forecasting expenses.

Straight to business.

From finding FHIR expertise to system purchase and configuration, to getting an implementation right can take time, effort and money. Or you can use our expertise to get things right out of the gate while focusing organization resources on core goals.

We deliver immediate access to a team that knows the ins and outs of FHIR, the technology, and compliance guidelines. Plus, our CDR offers built-in advanced technologies with capabilities like authorization, audit, and compliance monitoring tools available. No hiring issues. No learning curves. No upfront system purchase. And no second-guessing decisions. You can launch your implementation with confidence, access strategic data insights to further innovation, and seize opportunities as they arise.

Once your system goes live, we keep it optimized through ongoing operations management and maintenance. This allows your organization to maximize value and uptime, and free internal talent and assets to pursue other business objectives.

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Engage the future with confidence.

When it comes to rapid technological advances, managing change without the necessary experience is a risky proposition. And when it comes to business accountability and reputation, one can never be too prepared. A successfully deployed, managed, and supported enterprise-class system allows you to meet IT demands and welcome opportunities without reservation.

An added risk? The ability to secure your CDR and data from external threats, such as cyberattacks, outages, and disasters. Our plans offer robust privacy, security, and disaster recovery features, including identity management, encryption, intrusion detection and protection, backups, and multiple availability zones. So, your data is safe, your systems are up and running with minimal impact on the bottom line, and your stakeholders are happy.

And did we mention the experienced team behind the technology? Our FHIR experts and leaders in health data interoperability are purpose-driven to safeguard your interests, reduce your IT load, and add value along the way.

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