Your Strategic Asset—Intractable, siloed data has no place in the future of interoperability. Smile CDR not only liberates data but helps you unlock its value. It’s an efficient, flexible, and trusted way for healthcare providers, payers, researchers and life sciences organizations to gain a powerful competitive advantage as new challenges and opportunities arise.

Information… At your service.


When data is normalized and made accessible with FHIR, the global standard and common language for interoperability, it transforms into usable information. Smile CDR integrates and leverages existing systems to simplify this process so your stakeholders can consolidate, unify, universally share, and readily understand clinical and administrative data. And it makes connected, compliant health data easily achievable. Out-of-the-box configuration and management tools enable speedy implementation and productive workflows. All while supporting current and emerging regulations.

Turn insight to scalable advantage. 


Accurate, analysis-ready information fuels knowledge and informed decision-making. With Smile CDR, consistent and comprehensible data is made available for advanced analytics engines and automated reporting. Go beyond the static data and gain actionable insights that guide clinical and operational workflow efficiencies, as well as initiate tactical operations, like near real time Digital Quality Measures and Prior Authorization. Plus, it opens the door to strategic asset management and capabilities that scale – like built-in tooling to take advantage of our third-party app ecosystem and sidestep data flow obstacles faced by other clinical data repositories.


Purpose-driven to safeguard your assets. 

Data is a business-critical asset. So is your reputation. When information is safe – and your systems are compliant, meet operational demands, and evolve with organizational and regulatory changes – your stakeholders enjoy peace of mind. Smile CDR incorporates enterprise-grade security for streamlined authorization, audit and compliance monitoring, in addition to rich support for identity and master data management. The right health information is accessed by the right people to protect confidentiality. But trust is forged on more than features. Expertise and experience are pivotal. As the developers and maintainers of HAPI FHIR, the most complete and up-to-date open-source implementation of the HL7 FHIR standard for healthcare data exchange in Java, we have the largest and the highest number of product deployments in the world. Another confidence booster? There is no vendor lock-in, so you have full control of your data. 

Our interoperable future is limitless. 

The FHIR-enabled universe is expanding. Smile CDR not only keeps pace but anticipates what will come next with built-in enhancements and new offerings. From flexible deployment options to streamlined data and app integration, processing and management, we are continuously imagining and developing features and products that extend our solution. Seize every opportunity to make the most of your implementation, your health data and the interoperable future of healthcare.

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