The Smile Health Data Fabric (HDF) solution provides enterprise level FHIR® data interoperability and data exchange capabilities, backed by the set of core capabilities within our foundational flagship Clinical Data Repository (CDR).


Our HDF is highly configurable, allowing it to integrate with existing cloud infrastructure, software solutions and healthcare related compliance protocols. The HDF serves as a key innovation accelerator with features like event driven data endpoints, clinical reasoning decision support services and overall composability of the data fabric.

✔︎ Liberate your data

✔︎ Unlock unrealized value

✔︎ Gain a powerful competitive advantage

✔︎ Reduce burden using intelligent data automations

Why Customers Put Their Trust In Us

We have a proven track record and continue to deliver solutions that harmonize with existing health IT systems. The Smile FHIR-based HDF helps data move and evolve along the way so that information is available whenever it's needed to whoever needs it.


Most Global Product Deployments

We’re proud to be part of the team that develops and maintains HAPI® FHIR - the most complete and up-to-date open-source implementation of the HL7® FHIR standard for healthcare data exchange in Java. We have the highest number of product deployments in the world. The Smile HDF is successfully deployed at Global 1000 and government projects around the world.

Build once. Use everywhere. Save Over Time.

Even the smallest implementation can grow into something incredible, saving your organization time and resources. Our approach ensures the work can scale up to suit your organization’s landscape and needs. Our platform is built to be interoperable at every level, allowing us to embrace today's reality and tomorrow's possibilities.


Secure Data with No Vendor Lock in

The Smile HDF incorporates enterprise-grade security for streamlined authorization, audit and compliance monitoring, along with rich support for identity and master data management (MDM). The Smile HDF is built on and strictly follows open standards, giving you full access to your network’s data without locking you into any one vendor. In addition, Smile Digital Health continues to be recognized for our enterprise level security with our certifications and badges, including: ISO 13485:2016, ISO/IEC 27001, and SOC 2® Type 1.

Mining Data Value for Continuous Returns

Keep unlimited records and integrate databases in a single central repository. Maintain multiple modules with consistent and understandable data. Create rich longitudinal records to accurately mine and perform advanced analytics and automate your reporting. 


Compliance Ever-Ready

The Smile HDF is accomplished in meeting both current and future compliance mandates. We have completed the ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API. The Smile HDF has been certified by the Drummond Group’s Payer and Patient Access FHIR Certification for Provider Directory API, Patient Access API for US Drug Formulary. The Smile HDF enables Patient Access API and Provider Access API, helping you meet current CMS compliance. Smile Digital Health has developed a Payer-to-Payer Solution and is developing a Prior Authorization Integration (PAI) Suite, for future compliance with CMS’s 2026 Proposed Rule.

Developing and Growing with the Landscape

Un-siloed, collaborative, open-standard health IT is a new space with emerging legislation that is changing this landscape for the better, and Smile Digital Health knows how to keep up.
Smile Digital Health releases quarterly updates that introduce completely new features and upgrades existing ones. Our design and development process is built to keep up with regulations and legislation, as well as client needs. This keeps us ahead of the curve.


Check out our Wizard product release which highlights our newest feature: Megascale.

Megascale allows virtually unlimited amounts of data stored and accessible in a single FHIR server. It solves the storage and scalability problem! Megascale enables a configuration setup that can point to multiple database instances that are managed under a single CDR FHIR storage module. 

Looking to go-live rapidly with a fully managed solution? Smile offers Managed Services, including 24/7 Premium support, infrastructure and security, so that you can focus on your business, not IT maintenance.

Looking for additional support during implementation? Smile also offers separate Premium Support and Professional Services Packages, for all your technical support needs.

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